Billionaire Warren Buffet, Dan Gilbert, and Quicken Loans have ponied up a billion dollars to anyone who can correctly pick the winners in the NCAA's March Madness men's basketball tournament. Can you pick the winners and ride off into the sunset?
Flickr photo (j9sk9s) Your snowball's chance in hell to win a billion dollars.
Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge registration begins on March 3rd and you must submit your bracket by March 16th.  How does a person select every winning team in the tournament? Does it take a dedicated fan without a life to win? Can one simply pick winners based upon team's colors? A team's mascot? (Doesn't a bear beat a tiger every time? What can beat an eagle?) Kidding aside, what does it actually take to pick every winning team in a tournament like this? No one really knows because no one has ever done it! Do you feel lucky this year...

By the way, odds of winning this billion dollar bracket challenge?  1 in 9.2 quintillion... look it up. Did you really think a smart guy like Warren Buffett would offer such a prize with lesser odds?

Good Luck!



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